Why is Water Filling Up In My Window Wells?




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Why Is there Water in My Water Wells?

In today’s age almost all basements have window wells. They allow light into your basement’s space, making it seem more inviting and livable. Window wells are usually a semi-circular space and filled with gravel or rocks to support proper drainage.

Window wells have a lot of benefits, such as allowing the use of natural, not artificial, light into your basement. However, if not properly installed, you may experience a number of problems, and when you experience an abundance of water, you have an issue with water drainage.

Issues with your window well system can be due to: 

  • The system was installed incorrectly
  • The size of the system wasn’t properly scaled or fitted
  • The system has deteriorated over time
  • There isn’t a cover on the system or it does not fit
  • There is no drainage strategy for your exterior window well
Window Well Installation

What Do I Do After Finding an Issue in my Water Well System?

When you find out that the issue has been caused by an improper drainage system, it’s paramount that you find a contractor you can trust. Initially, your first contractor may have fit the water well perfectly and dug the correct height, but there was an issue when they installed the drainage system. It’s paramount to ensure that a correct drainage system has been put into place.

What United Waterproofing Does Differently

At United Waterproofing, we’re experts on fixing and preventing internal basement flooding, and we can help with external drainage systems. If you’re experiencing water buildup in your water well, you’ll need a drainage setup in your basement. We can connect a PVC pipe through your basement wall and connect it to a french drain system. Then we can connect it to your sump pump, where the water will be drained away from your home.

Window Well Installation

Other Steps You Can Take for Your Basement

You can also install a dehumidifier your home’s basement lets you control the humidity levels. This will allow you to keep the basement dry and maintain the structure of your floor system and walls. Installing a basement dehumidifier also helps control moisture, which will ultimately eliminate the unwanted allergens that come with a damp basement. Along with basement moisture, comes mold and mildew. This can cause a nasty smell to travel throughout your home, and create an unpleasant living space. A basement dehumidifier will eliminate musty smells by pulling moisture from the air, preventing mold and mildew from growing.

How Can We Help You?

United Waterproofing, LLC is a well respected basement remodeler that has been keeping basements dry in Connecticut and New York for over 20 years. Our expert technicians are passionate about providing the absolute best service to homeowners for generations to come. Contact us today to speak to one of our home basement professionals about your next project.

Work with a Basement Waterproofing Expert

The good news is that United Waterproofing has years of experience in the basement waterproofing industry. We specialize in both interior and exterior basement waterproofing, and we can help with your basement dilemma. After scheduling an estimate with us, we’ll come to your property and assess your current basement situation. We’ll determine which basement system is better for your situation. Let our basement waterproofing experts help you keep your basement dry!