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Building a solid foundation is a vital component for the structure of your home to last for decades upon decades. If you have an improperly set foundation, there are a variety of problems that you may encounter. A sinking foundation is one of the issues that can occur due to the foundation being laid incorrectly. As soon as you have noticed any problems with a sinking foundation, you should address the issue as soon as you notice them. 

United Waterproofing is your trusted sinking foundation repair company as well as all waterproofing and basement finishing, serving residents in Ridgefield, Norwalk, Stamford, and all of Fairfield County. The first step in repairing a sinking a foundation is having a professional examine your home. Our team of highly trained professionals here at United Waterproofing can help you determine the exact problems that you are having with your foundation and guide you in the right direction as far as what steps you need to take for repairs.

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Signs of a Sinking Foundation

All signs of sinking foundation can be traced back to soil movement. All homes have a number of different soil layers that are underneath the home, the lower layers are typically have more soil bearing capacity. Foundation sinking begins to occur when the structure is built on a layer of soil that cannot support the weight of the home. There are a few signs to look out for if sinking foundation is occuring.

Tilting Chimneys 

Tilting chimneys that are showing signs of separation from the home can be one of the most noticeable signs of a foundation settlement. The extreme weight of the chimney can make your home at even more risk for sinking foundation.

Damaged Doors and Windows

An opening in any wall is a sign of a weak point, so often times foundation settlement can show up near door and window openings. Cracks can extend from the corners above the doors and windows of your home and may separate from the framing or the exterior of the house. Other signs may include sticking, jamming doors and windows as well as locks that stop working unexpectedly. 

Drywall Cracks 

A reliable indicator that you may have some foundation sinking are any cracks in the drywall throughout the house. You will typically notice cracks located in the corners of doors and windows and along the drywall seams.

    Solutions for Sinking Foundations

    At United Waterproofing, we are experienced professionals that can identify and repair any problems you may be having with settling, sinking foundations. All of the foundation repair services that we offer include installation of foundation piers such as push piers, helical piers, and slab piers. We specialize in choosing the correct solution for your individual foundation issue and we work with each and every one of our clients to ensure exceptional results. 

    We are proudly serve Ridgefield, Norwalk, Stamford, and Fairfield County. Start today by receiving a free repair quote with one of our foundation experts, including an in-person inspection to help identify the foundation damage you may be dealing with. To schedule an appointment with one of our team members, contact us today 203-501-5053. 

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    The good news is that United Waterproofing has years of experience in the basement waterproofing industry. We specialize in both interior and exterior basement waterproofing, and we can help with your basement dilemma.

    After scheduling an estimate with us, we’ll come to your property and assess your current basement situation. We’ll determine which basement system is better for your situation. Let our basement waterproofing experts help you keep your basement dry!