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Residential & Commercial Basement Finishing

United Waterproofing LLC provides basement finishing services because we recognize that a finished basement that is dry will be healthy, which will protect a homeowner’s investment. Our trained and qualified professionals can transform your basement into a beautiful and functional living space that you and your family can enjoy. There are many benefits to finishing your basement with United Waterproofing LLC.

Benefits of Basement Finishing

Homeowners that have their basement finished will have many benefits provided for them and their home. These benefits include:

  • Great Investment
  • More Living Space
  • Healthier Home Environment
  • Cuts Energy Costs
  • Increased Comfort
  • Adds Value to Home
  • And many more…

United Waterproofing LLC uses only the finest products with our services. Our products will prevent mold growth with our mold resistance and waterproofing products. United Waterproofing LLC will transform homeowner’s unfinished basement into an attractive, functional, and comfortable living space.

    United Waterproofing LLC provides homeowners with an accurate solution for basement waterproofing. Our qualified and trained professionals come to your home to inspect and evaluate your basement, then we will identify where the basement is leaking and where the water is coming from. Only then will we provide a waterproofing solution for your basement. Our waterproofing services are custom-designed to each homeowner’s problem and provide a wide range of basement waterproofing services to meet the needs of our customers.

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    Basement Finishing Services Provided

    United Waterproofing LLC provides complete basement refinishing services.

    United Waterproofing LLC provides complete basement refinishing services. These services include:

    • Basement Flooring
    • Basement Walls
    • Basement Windows
    • Design
    • And much more…

     United Waterproofing LLC uses only products that are designed for basements. This includes the ceilings, walls, and flooring. Why is this important? A pipe bursting means your basement could get wet, but there will be less long term damage done to your walls and flooring when using the specific products that we use. Our professional team will make sure that the walls are insulated and the floors are stable and durable. When our team has completed your new lower level, you will have a space that is functional and beautiful.

    United Waterproofing LLC has decades of experience in basement finishing and basement waterproofing. Homeowners that are wanting to increase the value of their home can do it by having their basement finished. We create a finished basement space that looks like it has been finished since the home was built.

    Would you like to have your basement finished, but you are not sure what the price and procedure will be? Contact United Waterproofing LLC today and our basement finishing experts will come to your home and provide you with a design consultation and estimate that is complimentary.

    Our basement finishing experts will go over a variety of design options so you can choose one that not only meets your needs, but goes along with your budget. United Waterproofing LLC doesn’t use any high pressure sales. We will provide you with options and solutions, so homeowners can get the finished basement space that they have always dreamed of having.