Why Are Weep Holes Important for Basement Waterproofing?




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What are Weeping Holes?

For some homeowners with basements, your foundation may be constructed with concrete masonry units (CMUs). These CMU blocks, also known as cinder or concrete blocks, are often used in conjunction with french drain installations and hollow block masonry walls. If this is the case for your basement, weep holes may need to be inserted into the basement walls to allow drainage to occur. When there is no way for the water to drain in the hollow blocks, you need to create an exit. The water will search for a path of least resistance and flow out of any available crack, which means it’ll most likely end up in your basement and can even cause basement flooding. A basement weep hole is a small opening that will allow water to drain directly into your basement waterproofing system.

Using Weeping Holes in Your Basement System

To insert weeping holes, the concrete flooring around the interior perimeter of your basement will be removed to allow space for an interior water drainage system. This system can then funnel water toward a sump pump where it can be discharged away from your home. The weeping hole will be drilled into the concrete blocks at the lowest level, this way the water can exist from teh holes and flow directly into your drainage system.

Additional benefits of inserting weeping holes into your basement system can include:

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