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Residential & Commercial Foundation Repair

United Waterproofing LLC specializes in structural repair services. Homeowners should always have structural repairs completed by licensed and certified professionals. United Waterproofing LLC is that licensed and certified professional. We can provide an accurate inspection to determine where the structural damages are located in your home, then we will provide the correct repairs. We provide a wide range of structural repair services.

Structural Repair Services Provided

Homeowners that have their basement finished will have many benefits provided for them and their home. These benefits include:


Many homeowners fear that their home foundation has damage beyond repair and that they would have to build an entirely new foundation. United Waterproofing LLC can provide a permanent repair for your foundation.

Every foundation problem is serious and every foundation is different. Our structural repair experts can provide the right repairs that will permanently restore structural stability for your home.

    United Waterproofing LLC provides homeowners with an accurate solution for basement waterproofing. Our qualified and trained professionals come to your home to inspect and evaluate your basement, then we will identify where the basement is leaking and where the water is coming from. Only then will we provide a waterproofing solution for your basement. Our waterproofing services are custom-designed to each homeowner’s problem and provide a wide range of basement waterproofing services to meet the needs of our customers.

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    Warning Signs for Structural Damages:

    United Waterproofing LLC provides structural and foundation installation and repair services.

    There are several warning signs that homeowners should know, so you can call a professional to inspect your foundation. Here are the warning signs to look for:

    These are the main warning signs that homeowners should watch for. If you see any of these signs at your home, then you should contact United Waterproofing LLC today. If homeowners wait to call a professional, then the homeowners risk expensive repairs and possibly excavation. The longer you wait the more your risk a pricier repair.

    A common reason that foundation walls crack is due to the contractor who built the home not using a backer board. The groundwater saturation starts to occur. A freeze and thaw cycle then occurs, which causes the ground to expand. The expansion causes pressure below the ground, and this puts pressure on the foundation walls.

    Eventually, the pressure causes the foundation to crack. The Home Inspection Census claims that fifty percent of all basement foundation walls crack in the winter months, which causes structural damage.

    If your home needs structural repairs, then contact United Waterproofing LLC today. Our team is certified and licensed to repair your foundation problems. We have the training and experience to solve all your foundation problems.

    Contact United Waterproofing LLC today and our structural repair specialists will come to your home and provide a home inspection and consultation. United Waterproofing LLC will make your home structurally safe and secure with our structural repair services. If you are interested in foundation repair take a look at our interior basement waterproofing and exterior basement waterproofing services. We look forward to helping you.