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A homeowner in our area wanted to get basement waterproofing done before finishing the whole space. The couple heard that they could save on their monthly insurance premiums and also reduce the cost of their energy bills by having basement waterproofing done. They were both worried about getting a moldy basement, too.  They called us out for a no-cost consultation with our water damage restoration service and we met with the homeowners the following day. The couple walked us through their basement and we noticed a couple foundation cracks and noticed that there was condensation on the windows and the floors. We provided the couple with an estimate for our basement waterproofing treatmentand the couple was pleased with the price and scheduled us to start the wet basement repairs immediately.

The wet basement waterproofing service began

This home was the site of basement waterproofing at a home in Darien - United WaterproofingThe crew arrived on time as scheduled and the crew was happy that it wasn’t raining, so they could get all the repairs done with no problems. The crew first started to repair the foundation cracks first. The crew then began installing a new sump pump as this was one of the major reasons the wet basement wouldn’t dry properly. The crew was able to get the basement waterproofing done under budget and on time, then we gave the homeowners a quote to finish the whole space as well, which is what the homeowners were interested in. The crew showed the customers what repairs had been made and  they were really blown away with our services that we provided and scheduled us to start doing the whole entire basement space in just a couple of weeks. We let them know that they won’t have to worry about a wet or moldy basement and they won’t have to worry about the entire basement work being damaged from water.

The customers told us that we had provided them with the best basement waterproofing in Darien, and they were both thankful that they called us in to do the work. The customers said that our crew was very knowledgeable and considerate when they were working in the basement and when the job was done there was no mess left  to clean up. The homeowners couldn’t thank the crew enough for doing such a wonderful job, and mentioned that they looked forward to seeing the entire space finished.



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