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United Waterproofing has been providing premier waterproofing services for over 20 years to all our clients in Newtown and many of the surrounding towns.  We provide quality basement waterproofing, basement finishing, mold remediation, foundation repair, and emergency cleanup services specific to the needs of all our clients.  When you put your trust in our team, you are putting your trust into the hands of some of the industry’s absolute best. To learn more about our company and our services, reach out to a staff member today.   

In Newtown, we offer:

  • Basement Waterproofing
  • Basement Finishing
  • Foundation Repair
  • Mold Remediation & Mitigation
  • Emergency Cleanup Services

Solutions we provide are customized to meet the individual needs of all our clients.  To schedule your free home inspection and estimate, contact our team today.

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I called United Waterproofing to get an estimate on what it would cost to finally finish my basement. The quote I was given was significantly less that what other companies in the area were asking for. The crew was always courteous and professional. They showed up on time and they cleaned up after they were done with the work. I now have increased the square footage of my home as well as the value! Thank you United Waterproofing for doing such an excellent job!

Sam T.

Why Choose United Waterproofing?

24/7 Emergency Service

We also provide 24/7 emergency cleanup services year-round to our Newtown clients and all those in the adjacent towns as well.  Whether services needed are cleanup from water damage, fire damage, storm damage, or commercial restoration, we have got you covered


Over 20 Years of Experience

Having served our clients for over 20 years with premier waterproofing systems and services the team here at United Waterproofing has been recognized time and time again as one of the best all round team of builders and waterproofing specialists in the region.

Fair Pricing & Highest-Quality

We offer affordable, competitive prices, timelines that accommodate the individual needs of our clients and full warranties for all our high quality basement waterproofing systems.

Newtown Basement Waterproofing  

If your Newtown business or home is suffering from moisture, mold spores, unpleasant odors or structural damage, then surely you have come to the right place.  The experts here at United Waterproofing are prepared to handle all your Newtown residential or commercial waterproofing needs with our affordable, effective solutions.  

Some of these waterproofing solutions include:

  • Basement Waterproofing
  • Interior Drainage Repair
  • Exterior Drainage Repair
  • Mold Remediation
  • Sump Pumps
  • Foundation Crack Repair
  • Moisture Control
  • And much more…

We customize all of our basement and waterproofing services to meet with the needs of all our valued clients.  We utilize both interior and exterior waterproofing systems to resolve basement issues and offer lifetime warranties on all of our systems whether for residential or commercial clients.   

Newtown Foundation & Structural Repair

For foundation or structural repairs to your Newtown home or business, put your trust in the pros here at United Waterproofing.  Both foundation and structural damage can compromise the integrity of your home or business which is why you should schedule a free consultation with our team to discuss your home or business repair needs.  From wall or floor cracks, and bulging walls to bowing walls and shifting foundations the integrity of your Newtown home or business can be compromised and its overall health minimized, so don’t delay. Contact our team today!    

Our licensed and certified professionals offer services such as: 

  • Structural Repair
  • Structural Foundation Repair
  • Basement Wall Crack Repairs
  • Masonry Repair
  • Concrete Repair
  • Foundation Cracks 

Water seepage and damp soil beneath the foundation are common culprits for foundation or structural damage.  Water and damp soil can cause your home or business structure to lose its durability, but the pros here at United Waterproofing fully understand the important role quality materials, good job-site preparation, and careful application play in the health of your home which is why you can always count on us.  We will inspect your foundation, identify the source of the problem and the extent of the damages, and provide a personalized repair plan specific to your needs.

Newtown Mold Mitigation & Remediation

When you have excessive moisture in your home or business that typically finds its way into your structure by way of cracks in the walls or floors, over time you will notice the formation of mold spores.  Mold affects the appearance of your home or business and is accountable for a variety of health issues such as allergies, asthma and other breathing problems. 

Our Newtown humidity and mold control team can:

  • Identify Moisture
  • Evaluate Mold Growth
  • Remove Mold Contamination
  • Provide Mold & Black Mold Remediation
  • Seal out Humidity

If you are experiencing mold issues in your home or business, be sure to reach out the specialists here at United Waterproofing.  Our team will provide you with effective techniques to control humidity, moisture and water and perform mold removal as well.

Newtown Basement Finishing

Here at United Waterproofing our team of builders and specialists can layout and design a finished basement from materials that are moisture, water and humidity resistant.  These materials will also prevent the formation of further mold spores and alleviate health issues affiliated with the presence of mold.      

Our basement finishing services include:

  • Design Consultation
  • Basement Flooring
  • Basement Walls
  • Basement Windows 

If you are in need of basement renovation or repairs for your Newtown home or business, you can always rely on the pros here at United Waterproofing.  Our team is highly skilled and trained to perform all types of renovations and repairs and perform installations of mold and moisture resistant materials in your basement.  As a result, we easily transform a simple basement into a beautiful, additional living space that you and your family can enjoy every day.

Newtown Emergency Cleanup and Restoration Services

When disaster strikes, put your trust in the dedicated professionals here at United Waterproofing.  Our team is on hand to provide you with all your disaster recovery services, whether from water damage, fire damage, mold damage, or storm damage.  We offer 24/7 emergency services for residential, commercial and industrial properties. 

Our Remediation & Restoration Services Include:

  • Water Damage
  • Fire Damage
  • Storm Damage
  • Commercial Restoration
  • And more.

With all the know-how, equipment and techniques needed to handle all your restoration and recovery needs, reach out to the certified experts here at United Waterproofing for top of the line remediation and restoration services for your home or business.  To learn more about our company and services, contact our office today. 


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