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About a month ago, we were put in contact with a family that had recently purchased a home and needed a company specializing in basement waterproofing in Greenwich. Some recent events in their new home had given them cause for concern about mold and a potential leak in their basement. They wanted to get the situation sorted out straight away, as they had two young children and were worried about health risks related to the potential mold.

The couple had first noticed the possible moldy basement when removing some old wallpaper. They noticed the walls seemed a bit damp and there were areas that looked to have some mold growth present. Additionally, the basement in general was a bit musty and they often noticed condensation on the windows in the basement.

We were able to send someone out shortly to do a mold evaluation and see if this was indeed a moldy basement problem. After some investigation, we were able to determine the growth behind the wallpaper was indeed mold. We immediately began the process of removing the mold and making the wet basement a healthy living place again.

Urgent Basement Waterproofing Begins

We did an extensive waterproofing job on this wet basement in GreenwichIt was important that we were able to determine the cause of the humidity in the basement. If we left it as is, more mold would eventually grow again, so we needed to get to the root of the problem. It was likely that there was a leak somewhere that was allowing water into the basement and causing the humidity to rise. Eventually we found the leak, which seemed to be from a basement egress window that was not properly sealed and did not have proper drainage.

We decided to complete a footing drain installation, as the surface water outside the home was what caused the humidity issues. We used the drain to move excess water away from the basement egress window and also connected it to the gutter, to direct the runoff from that away from the home as well.

Although sealing the leak in the basement egress window should prevent the problem of a wet basement in the future, we recommended that the family stay vigilant in preventing and identifying potential mold growth. Keeping the basement well-ventilated assists in that goal, as does keeping a close eye on areas that had mold growth in the past. We also suggested that the family run a dehumidifier to ensure the basement air stayed dry.

The family was incredibly pleased with the results of our work and were glad to have solved their moldy basement problem. The two children were once again allowed to play in the basement now that the health risk had been eliminated and steps had been taken to prevent any return.

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