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A few weeks ago, we were contacted by a couple interested in companies specializing in basement finishing in Westport. They wanted to finish their basement and make it into a more usable area that they could enjoy for years to come. The couple also figured, while they were at it, they might as well have an inspector check out the quality of the basement waterproofing. They wanted to make sure everything was in working order so any necessary repairs or adjustments could be completed now before the basement was finished.

We were glad to spearhead both aspects of the project and sent someone over to check if they needed us to perform any water damage restoration service right away. After some investigation, we were able to give the couple an estimate on the project and some ideas on how to improve their overall basement waterproofing system. For the most part, the system they already had was in good shape. They did not have a wet basement or a moldy basement, and there were no noticeable leaks throughout the space.

Evaluation Complete, Basement Waterproofing and Finishing Starts

We worked on finishing and doing basement waterproofing for this home - United WaterproofingGenerally, our plan would entail improving the system they had, rather than fixing any major issues. This way we would prevent any issues from happening in the first place. Our first step in the process was a footing drain installation. The footing drain would help direct water away from the house so it wouldn’t affect the foundation or cause any other damage.

They also had a basement egress window, and we planned to install more as part of the basement finishing. It can be beneficial to install a drain outside the window to avoid leaks in that location. That was the next step in our plan.

Finally, we recommended that the couple replace the sump pump in their basement. The one currently in place was rather old and outdated. It hadn’t been maintained well. In situations like this it’s best to be safe rather than sorry. We didn’t want to take any chances in the event that the basement did flood and the sump pump wasn’t able to handle the water. We recommended that the couple invest in a new sump pump that would be more dependable and of a higher quality than their current model.

Once the the plan for the basement waterproofing improvements was set and work had begun, we began plans for the final basement finishing. The couple had a lot of big ideas for their future basement. They wanted to create a space for entertaining and were also interested in adding a guest room and small kitchenette for when they had visitors. All of this was very doable and we were able to draw up some designs straight away.

Once the general floor plan was set, we could move on to the specifics of the materials we would use. We gave the couple some options in terms of the flooring and carpet, and specifically offered choices that were suited for a basement space. These were materials that could withstand a possible basement flooding and weren’t as susceptible to water damage as other materials.

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