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We recently received an urgent call from a homeowner in need of some emergency basement waterproofing in New Canaan. The woman had woken up that morning to the nasty shock of a very wet basement. It turned out that the connector pipe on the back of her washer had come unattached and subsequently flooded her entire basement. To make matters worse, the sump pump in her basement was faulty and was unable to pump the water out of her home as it should have. Thus, the homeowner was left with several inches of standing water in her basement and no idea how to fix the problem.

Understandably, she was a bit frantic and very eager to find a quick solution for her problem. Luckily for her, we provide 24/7 emergency services and were able to send someone out to begin drying out her home right away. Our initial priority was removing the standing water from the basement. Once that was complete, we focused on dehumidifying the space to avoid any mold growth. No one likes a moldy basement.

While we waited for the drying process to finish, we began working on a new basement waterproofing plan to ensure a situation like this wouldn’t happen again. The obvious first step was dealing with the faulty sump pump. After some investigation, we determined that a valve in the pump was jammed, which had prevented the pump from functioning during the flooding. We fixed the pump and made sure the whole system was in working order and that in the event of another flooding, the sump pump would be able to pump the water out of her home.

Water Damage Restoration Service Was Urgently Needed

Because of the extent of the flooding, there was some definite damage to the foundation and also the finishes of her home. All of the carpet and flooring had to be removed, as well as some of the drywall. Once all her possessions and the damaged items were removed, we began the repairs. We started with the foundation repair and sealed up any cracks that would allow more water in contact with the foundation. We also completed a french drain installation, which would help direct any future water in the basement away from the foundation and house in general.

Urgent basement waterproofing in New Canaan - United Waterproofing came out right awayNext we replaced the drywall that had been damaged. We also worked out a design plan for the space, as most of the flooring had to be replaced. We provided the homeowner with material options that were more basement-friendly and wouldn’t be ruined if the basement flooded again, as the past materials had been. She made all her selections and got started on the basement finishing.

As the project progressed, we did some investigation to ensure that no mold9 had grown in the basement because of the flooding. Mold can be very dangerous to a person’s health and generally should be avoided. We also worked to improve the circulation of the space, to additionally fight against mold and mustiness in the basement in the future.

When the project was finally complete, the homeowner was so overwhelmed with the results she almost cried. She thanked us for being so helpful during such a stressful period of her life, and praised our work and dedication to ensuring that her basement waterproofing went smoothly. She had enough to deal with during the situation, and she appreciated that we provided such reassurance to her that our work would be of the utmost quality.

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