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We were recently contacted by an individual interested in hiring our company to complete some basement waterproofing in Stamford. He was in the process of preparing his home to be sold and wanted to clear up some issues in the basement before the house went on the market.

The owner informed us that the basement often seemed damp and musty, which we knew was usually the sign of a moldy basement. He also told us that the basement was unfinished and that, depending on our estimate, he might be interested in having us complete some basement finishing work for him. We sent someone over to evaluate the problem and determine the scope of the project.

The basement did indeed seem musty. The air on the level also felt very humid, which likely was the cause of the wet basement we saw before us. We determined that there was likely a leak somewhere in the basement that was causing all of the problems the owner experienced. The leak would need to be sealed off. We would need to complete a French drain installation to allow the water a place to exit the basement and not damage the building. We drew up plans for our water damage restoration service and the basement finishing aspects of the project and presented them to the owner.

The owner was pleased with our estimate for the project and decided to go forward with both aspects. We go started on the basement waterproofing while another member of our team met with the owner to work on a design plan for the finishing work.

Basement Finishing Moves Along

The first step of the process was getting rid of the mold already present in the basement. Once that was complete, we checked on the foundation and determined if any foundation repair was needed. The foundation seemed to be in good order so we moved on to the French drain installation. This drain would allow for the water to exit the property without going near the foundation and causing damage.

This house was the site of Stamford basement waterproofing services - UWThe French drain installation also required the installation of a sump pump in order for the drain to work correctly. The sump pump would help get rid of any standing water were the basement to flood. As part of the basement finishing, we decided to install a basement egress window, which would allow for better air circulation of the space and would reduce the humidity of the air. The basement egress window was also required to turn one of the basement rooms into a bedroom, which increased the value of the home.

When working with the owner on the design of the basement finishing, we made sure to present him with floor and wall materials specifically designed for basements. These materials are more resistant to water damage so in the event of a wet basement, the damage would not be as severe. Once all the details were nailed down, we began work on the basement finishing, completing the work in a skilful and efficient manner.

The owner was incredibly pleased with the results of the project. He was glad to have solved the problem of the moldy basement and was relieved that he would not have to worry about the quality of the basement waterproofing any longer. The basement finishing was also a huge success and something that would add great value to the property. The owner couldn’t wait to get the house on the market and start showing it off to potential buyers.

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